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The sense of community which has been developed within Saku Shin Kan dojo is no accident. A unique bond often develops among those students who practise at the dojo on a regular basis.

Each student, and the instructors, are constantly striving to understand and master the techniques. Each practitioner is continuously working to develop their sense of centredness and connectedness, and to overcome challenges, internal and external, along the way. Therefore there is a shared sense of achievement with success, and support through the difficulties.


The sense of community which exists is fostered through regular social events - 'pot luck' style dojo dinners, gradings and associated celebrations, training trips, and the hosting of seminars and special events.

There is no pressure to involve in any more than the practise itself but the sense of camaraderie among regular students is difficult to avoid and often becomes a very significant part of people's daily lives.

This is true for adults as well as for children. We see our school-aged students as being a precious part of our Aikido family. We feel that having a safe place where a child can be supported to develop, and  to have a social reference point outside of their regular peers and school networks, is a valuable part of what we offer.

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