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Children are the backbone of our dojo. We run children's classes six days per week, (4-5pm each weekday, and 9am on Saturdays) and focus on each child's strengths to build their self-confidence and capacity.


Children can start at the age of seven, or younger if Mum or Dad jump on the mat with them - which is encouraged !!

Children who embrace Aikido stand to benefit in many ways – it is an opportunity to regularly put together the essential elements of mutual respect, self-discipline, focus, and harmony. The controlled practise of Aikido techniques can lead to much more than self-defence – it fosters the development of a martial mindset rooted in respect and diligence.


The outcomes our Aikido kids achieve include to:

  • develop and expand physical and mental awareness

  • improve flexibility and coordination

  • enhance self-esteem and self-reliance

  • provide overall physical conditioning

  • encourage non-violent resolution of the conflict in daily life

  • develop an inherent understanding of the reciprocal nature of any interaction, physical and otherwise




  1. Be on time for class, dressed and ready to begin practice.

  2. Bow when entering the dojo (training area).

  3. The cleanliness of the mat and dojo is essential. Remove your shoes at the doorway and place them neatly on the shelf. Do not walk on the wooden border with shoes or outside without shoes. Be sure your feet are clean before stepping on the mat.

  4. Always wear a clean training uniform (keidogi, or gi). Do not leave it in the changing room

  5. Make sure your hands and feet are clean.

  6. Be sure to go to the bathroom before class starts.

  7. Line up when the instructor enters the mat.

  8. Bow to your partner before practising and say, “O negai shimasu” (please practise with me).

  9. Bow to your partner when you finish practising and say, “Arigato gozaimashita” (thank you very much).

  10. If you or someone else is hurt, tell the instructor at once.

  11. Always try to do your best, don’t be lazy.

  12. If you have a problem, ask the instructor for help.

  13. Never argue with or talk back to the instructor.

  14. Do not chatter or play around during class.

  15. Always remember to be careful for your partner’s safety.

  16. Aikido is for self-defence only. Do not play around with the techniques outside of class.

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