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Get your Gi on

THIS weekend, Central Coast Aikido is hosting an Australasian Aikikai Grading - and you're invited!!! The members of Saku Shin Kan dojo (Newcastle Aikido) will be there in force - many will be testing, and the rest of us will be be there to back them up and enjoy training with our wider Aikido family (the Australasian Aikikai) from the Central Coast and Sydney. Gradings are very memorable events and part of the fabric of the rich experience of being part of a larger group than just our own. For those testing, it is wonderful to have your fellow Aikidoka there to take ukemi and back you up when you are feeling out in the middle of the mat. It will also give us a chance to celebrate Sensei Hackett’s promotion to 6th dan.

**There will be no classes at Newcastle Aikido on this day**

Training is due to start at the Central Coast dojo at 9:30am until 10:45, then there will be a short break and the gradings. We aim to run the tests from 10:50am. After the tests we will have a brief AGM then adjourn for refreshments then perhaps to Nandos for lunch?

We have booked a bus and may book a second bus if needed.

If you are planning to come with the group, please mark your name on the whiteboard ASAP {or advise us by email} so we can confirm the booking. The training fee for the day will be $20 per person, paid in cash on arrival.


All students grading will need to become members of our parent organisation, the Australasian Aikikai.· Existing members are asked to hand in their red books ASAP and check if your dues are up to date.· New members will need to provide a passport photo, or alternatively, we can take a picture in the dojo. The cost of A.A. membership is $50 per year and this should be paid in cash/cheque as the funds do not go to Newcastle Aikikai. If you can attend to this ASAP, it will give time to have your membership/ book processed before the 8th.· There is a grading fee of $20 for those testing.

Hope to see you there!!!!

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