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We have an exciting opportunity opening up to hold a mini-sesshin at the dojo at the end of October, led by Doko-san, who trained under Hogen San, who was Chiba Sense's very close friend and mentor.

This sesshin will be run in part as an online retreat, with attendees able to log in to pre-set zoom sessions using their phone, computer or tablet as a small group at the dojo, and at home, and attend the daily Dharma talks with Doko-san.

Doing a retreat at home can be tricky to navigate with work and family commitments. Please know that with the online schedule, you are free to do what suits you, attending partially or fully depending on your situation. For anyone needing to attend partially, please note that the emphasis is on attending the sessions when Doko-san is present. For now, please email us me if you would like to join.

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