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Newcastle Aikido dojo is an intense, yet highly supportive environment.


Maximum results rely on a deep commitment to learning and self-development.


The underlying principle is to join with the force of your attacker.


The focus is on the non-violent resolution of conflict.


The onus is on you...

Don't be a bystander



At Saku Shin Kan dojo, black belt or white, we aim to practise with 'Shoshin' .. meaning: beginner's mind, or "unstained mind".


The regular practise of Aikido with a an open mind is essential to the development of a true understanding of its martial applications.

It can lead to the reconciling of different points of view, as students learn to respect others by way of mutual physical contact.

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Newcastle Aikido provides instruction in the martial arts of Aikido and Iaido, and the Zen Buddhist practice of Zazen meditation.

We welcome beginners and experienced students alike, from all styles and denominations, to practise in a progressive and mindful way.


Adults can practise up to five times per day, with classes specifically aimed at beginners, intermediate and advanced students. Kids classes are held every afternoon and Saturday mornings.

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